Anglia Translations Ltd at Peterborough Biscuit

woman standing at exhibition stand

This year we exhibited again at The Peterborough Biscuit, the largest business exhibition in Peterborough. We set up at stand C29, where we were able to speak to delegates about our services and potential export opportunities available to their businesses.

This isn’t our first time exhibiting at the event, and we’re always happy to get some face time with the ever-increasing number of people that attend the Biscuit.

This year we gave visitors the chance to win a nice bottle of gin and an Anglia Translations goodie bag, which included a power bank, reusable coffee cup, lip balm, travel tags and more.

What is The Peterborough Biscuit Business Event?

The Peterborough Biscuit is a business event, which merges a B2B exhibition with a corporate day. The Biscuit showcases a range of businesses of all kinds, within a 55-mile radius of Peterborough.

This exhibition is the largest business to business event in East Anglia, where the aim is to connect like-minded business people, who otherwise may never have crossed paths.

The Biscuit was established to improve the local business community by furthering:

  • Connectivity – bringing as many different types of business around the Peterborough area under one roof
  • Awareness – recognising local businesses and giving them a platform to promote their products and services
  • Knowledge – imparting local business knowledge by providing people with the chance to learn from Peterborough businesses who are growing and innovating in the local area.

What Are the Benefits of Attending Exhibitions?

Helps You Understand Your Market – Exhibitions are a diverse selection of different brands and companies offering a varied array of products and services. By observing the display stands of these businesses, you can gain valuable insight into their market, which can help you improve your own marketing and business plans.

Consumer Point of View – When you attend an exhibition as a guest, you are doing so from the point of view of the consumer. When looking through this lens, you begin to see things from a different perspective, and you begin to understand which exhibitions are working and which aren’t.

Competitor Research – Visiting a competitor’s stall as the consumer, can give you an excellent indication of any new products they might be unveiling and how they’re marketing them. Not only can you gauge the audience reaction, but you can also take any approaches you think will work for yourself and apply them to your own plans.

What Are the Benefits of Exhibiting?

Meeting and Connecting with People – Networking is a big part of doing business, no matter what industry you operate in. When you grow your audience, you’re building your business. Meeting face-to-face, even in this increasingly digitised world of ours, is still a powerful experience. We meet and talk to dozens of people when we exhibit, particularly at larger events like the Biscuit.

Increasing Brand Reach – Exhibiting at events gives you the opportunity to expose your company, increase your audience base and build your brand across social media. The great part of these kinds of events is that you’re displaying your business in front of an already engaged audience, who will be far more responsive to what you have to say.

Easier to Convert Leads – Historically, we’ve often been able to pick up a good few of our customers at these kinds of events. While this is by no means guaranteed every time you exhibit, you’ll have a better chance of converting leads in this kind of environment as delegates have voluntarily attended the event and are open to the possibility of doing business.

A Word from the Director – Mary Gilbey

How Was the Event?

“We thoroughly enjoyed the day. There was a great energy and vibe around the exhibition hall, amongst the exhibitors as well as the visitors. It seemed well organised and professional but there was a lot of fun to be had too.

We spoke to lots of people – some we already knew as well as lots of new faces who visited our stand with interest in translation services.”

Would You Say it was a Successful Event?

“From our perspective, it was most definitely a successful event for three main reasons: great for networking with both existing contacts as well as new ones. A lovely environment to increase our brand awareness within the local business community. An excellent opportunity to learn about the fantastic local businesses that could support us in our growth strategy for 2020.

There seemed to be a genuine interest and need for translation services for companies that are working or planning on working internationally. And interestingly, there was very little mention of Brexit!

The likes of Lisa Luxford at Igentics, Helen Townsend and Sarah Dawson from Hunt & Coombs, Susanne Mills from Apogee Corp., Damien O’Dwyer from Web Alliance, Gary Maycock from Zebra Repro, Nick Carlson from Secret Source Marketing, Clare Chalk at AE Rubber Ltd, and Stephen Anderson at Crooton, were all interested in what we had to offer.”


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