Case Study: Zettlex Multilingual Website Translation Project

Case Study: Zettlex Multilingual Website Translation Project

In the following case study, we explain how we helped one of our clients overcome the language barriers that any company who exports to multiple countries can face in communication and business. In this particular scenario, we look at our work with Zettlex and how we ensured their website was as concise and technically accurate in certain key languages as it was in English.


Our client needed a translation partner who:

  • Had highly qualified technical translators who could work with the niche and specialised subject matter.
  • Could provide these technical translators for multiple languages.
  • Could ensure the translations would appeal to the varied sectors into which Zettlex supply their products.
  • Would help them achieve their aims and objectives they needed to receive strong engagement.

With our extensive industry knowledge through a team of project managers who take pride in the quality of their work, who deliver on time and on budget, we knew we were right for the job. We knew we could meet their expectations and the relationship took off on the right foot from day one.