Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

This time last year, we revealed the results of our 2021 customer satisfaction survey, which you can see here>. Due to the challenges of Covid we hadn’t carried out a Customer Satisfaction Survey since 2018!

The interaction and feedback from the 2021 survey became a valuable blueprint for the way we worked in 2022, so we’ve decided to publish our survey annually, and in this blog we’ll be revealing the results of this year’s survey.

The Results

We sent this survey out to all our customers that we have actively worked with over the last 12 months, to give them an opportunity to rate our service and offer their feedback, to give us a framework to work towards our commitment of continuous improvement.

“Overall, How Satisfied or Dissatisfied Are You with Anglia Translations Ltd?”

When we asked our customers how satisfied or dissatisfied they were with our services in 2022, 87% were very satisfied with the quality of our services.

Which of the Following Words Would You Use to Describe Our Services?

We offered respondents with a selection of words to select to describe how they would rate our performance during the past twelve months:

80% selected Reliable.
73% selected High-Quality.
47% selected Useful.
27% selected Unique.
33% selected Good Value for Money.

We also offered a selection of more negative words for balance; none of our customers selected any of the following:

  • Overpriced
  • Impractical
  • Ineffective
  • Poor Quality
  • Unreliable

How Well Do Our Services Meet Your Needs?

We asked our customers how well our range of services fit with their business requirements, with the following results:

80% said that our services met their needs extremely well.
20% said that our services met their needs very well.

How Would You Rate the Quality of the Service?

We asked our customers how they would rate the quality of the service we’ve provided them over the past year:

73% said that the service they received was of a very high quality.
27% said that the service they received was of a high quality.

How Long Have You Been a Customer of Anglia Translations Ltd?

Since our establishment back in the early 1990s, we’ve committed to creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

We asked all of our customers how long they’ve been working with us:

Just 7% said this was their first time.
7% said less than six months.
20% said one to two years.
67% said up to three years or more.

How Likely Are You to Purchase Any of Our Services Again?

We asked our customers how likely it was that they would purchase our services and work with us again:

79% said they were extremely likely to work with us again.
21% said they were very likely to work with us again.

Did Anglia Translations Ltd Deliver on Time?

When asked whether we were able to deliver their project on time, 100% said yes.

How Likely is it That You Would Recommend Anglia Translations Ltd to a Friend or Colleague?

We asked how likely it would be for our customers to be a Promoter, which means they’d enthusiastically recommend the business to a friend or colleague, or Passive, which means they may or may not recommend us:

87% said they would be a Promoter.
13% said they would be Passive.

Additional Comments

We also add a voluntary, ‘Any Other Comments’ section at the bottom of our surveys. Here are some of the comments from our clients:

“I think one of the extras not mentioned is that you have a very friendly service. I feel I can ask if something is possible and am given clear advice and timescales.”

“Great service, we will work with Anglia Translations again.”

“The friendly and efficient service together with our accumulated technical glossary means we will never need to look for another translation agency.”

“Great service and a good team to support through the process.”

“Always helpful and able to react even at short notice, a great translation service and totally recommended.”

“We find Anglia very responsive with any queries and always deliver within our often tight deadlines.”

“It’s a pleasure to continue to work together.”


If you have any further questions on what we’ve covered in this blog, or you’re interested in hearing more about any of our other services, get in touch today.