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We offer a comprehensive selection of Lithuanian translation services, encompassing the translation of legal, technical, and marketing documents, along with website localisation services.

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Why Choose Anglia Translations Ltd?

With a personalised and client-focussed approach at the heart of every project, Anglia Translations Ltd is dedicated to providing premium translation services from English to Lithuanian.

We hold certifications from the International Standard Organisation (ISO), accredited to ISO 9001:2015, and are members of both the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and the EU ATC.

Our operations are rooted in meticulous precision and established processes, guided by a specific framework known as the Anglia Compass. We ensure that our team of Lithuanian translators deliver translations of the highest quality and accuracy, while also focusing on cost-effectiveness.

Types of Lithuanian Translation

Lithuanian is primarily found in Lithuania, where it is the official and national language, and is spoken by approximately 3 million people. There are also smaller Lithuanian-speaking communities around the world, notably in countries such as the United States, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, where Lithuanian emigrants and their descendants have settled.

At Anglia Translations Ltd, we have a specialist team of Lithuanian translators who work on numerous projects annually. They work with businesses across a variety of industries and of all sizes, from small start-ups to large multinational corporations.

We translate a wide variety of content, including websites, product specifications, marketing material, newsletters, product catalogues and much more.

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Why Use Lithuanian Translation Services?

Numerous companies from the UK have established operations or business interests in Lithuania, particularly in sectors like finance, technology, retail and energy. Some of these include Barclays, Tesco, GlaxoSmithKline and HSBC.

Lithuania’s location at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe provides strategic access to markets in the European Union and the broader Eurasian region. This geographical advantage makes Lithuania an excellent gateway for trade and logistics.

It also boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union, characterised by a competitive business environment and increasing domestic consumption. This growth presents opportunities in various sectors including technology, finance and consumer goods.

For UK businesses, cultural and educational ties, including a good proficiency in English among the younger population, can ease market entry and operations.

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Lithuanian Customs

Lithuanians generally value formality in business interactions. It is important to address people by their title and surname unless invited to do otherwise. Punctuality is also highly valued, so always aim to be on time for meetings and appointments.

Decision-making can be hierarchical, with final decisions typically made by the highest-ranking person present. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you are engaging with the decision-makers in a company.

Meetings are usually well-structured and agenda-driven. Lithuanians appreciate thorough preparation and detail-oriented presentations. It’s advisable to provide materials, such as presentations and reports, in advance of the meeting. It is a good idea to have your business documents professionally translated into Lithuanian too.

Business in Lithuania often extends into informal settings. Dinners and social events are common for further discussions and networking. Such settings are also used to strengthen business relationships.

Business tip: While many Lithuanians speak English, especially the younger generation, it is respectful to learn a few phrases in Lithuanian. This effort is appreciated and can go a long way in building rapport.

Interesting Facts About Lithuania

Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages in Europe that is still spoken today. It belongs to the Baltic group of the Indo-European family and retains many archaic features not found in other Indo-European languages, making it particularly valuable for linguistic studies of the ancient world.

The language itself has sounds that are rare or non-existent in other languages. It’s also particularly noted for its extensive use of nasal sounds and a pitch accent system, which involves changing the meaning of words through variations in pitch.

Capital: Vilnius
Population: 2.6 million
Official Language: Lithuanian. Minority languages include Belarusian, Polish and Russian.


The accuracy of translations from English to Lithuanian depends on multiple factors. It’s essential to choose a translator who not only has profound expertise but also a deep cultural understanding of the Lithuanian language and its regional nuances. 

We are dedicated to maintaining high standards of quality, entrusting translation projects solely to our most skilled Lithuanian translators. We also collaborate closely with you to fully understand your business objectives, ensuring that our translations precisely mirror their intended purpose.

The time it takes to translate content from English to Lithuanian depends on a number of factors. The type of document, the complexity and length of the materials and the subject matter can all impact how long the translation takes. It is important that every translation is accurate and of the highest quality, therefore each project is carried out with precision and expertise. 

How closely we’re able to work together also plays a role, as we need to fully understand your business to ensure we accurately convey what you are trying to say, while still resonating with your brand.

Lithuanian has a smaller vocabulary than English and often lacks direct equivalents for modern English terms, particularly in technology, business and popular culture. Translators frequently have to find roundabout ways to express certain concepts or resort to borrowing words from English.

Maintaining the author’s original style, tone, and intent requires deep linguistic sensitivity and creativity, especially when translating literary works or specialised content like marketing materials. Therefore it is essential to use a professional Lithuanian translator when you need a high-quality translation of a text that is important to your business. 

Our pricing is determined by the word count of the source document. This method removes any ambiguities, streamlines the costing process and ensures full transparency. However, since every project is unique, we are unable to offer a definitive quote without conducting a detailed evaluation of the project and examining the documents that need translation.

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