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We offer a full range of Polish translation & interpretation services, from translating marketing materials, manuals and technical sheets to online localisation.

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Why Anglia Translations?

At Anglia Translations Ltd, our continual commitment to offering bespoke translations of the very finest quality means that we can provide an English to Polish translation service that helps you connect with your target audiences in Poland as well as the large Polish speaking communities around the world.

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2015, which means our services must adhere to the strict quality standards set out by the International Standard Organisation (ISO). We are also proud members of the Association of Translation Companies and the EU ATC, both of which also hold their members to the highest standards.

Whether we’re translating Polish, or any other language we offer, we remain steadfast to a specific set of criteria known as the Anglia Compass. This is to ensure that we’re able to continue offering the most accurate and cost-effective translation services for our clients.

Types of Polish Translation

There are around 40 million Polish speakers across the world and aside from Poland itself, there are large Polish-speaking communities in Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Lithuania, the UK, Ukraine, the US and Russia.

Polish is the official language of Poland, which has a population of almost 38 million people. It is one of the hardest and most complicated languages to learn. Not only does the alphabet have a different set of letters to learn such as ą, ę, ć, ł, ń, ś, ż, ź, but there are lots of different grammatical rules that need to be understood if you wish to fully learn the language.

We have translated extensively into Polish in the health & wellbeing sectorfor clients such as Young Living and dōTERRA, as well as working in the automotive industryfor clients such as Armored Auto.

Types of content that we have translated include websites, product specifications, marketing material, newsletters, product catalogues and product labelling.

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Why Use Polish Translation Services?

Poland has been one of the fastest developing countries in the EU in recent years and in 2017 it was ranked by the World Bank as the 27th easiest country in which to do business. It is a sought-after destination for many foreign investors and has a highly educated and worldly population.

Located at the crossroads of the European trade and transport routes, Poland is an easy entry point to other Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries as well as emerging markets further east. The largest UK investors in Poland include Tesco PLC, Rolls Royce, GlaxoSmithKline, AVIVA PLC, BP, Shell Overseas Holdings Ltd, HSBC, BUPA and Unilever.

UK businesses looking to export to Poland can benefit from a large domestic market where English is the most widespread language used, particularly amongst younger people. It has a strong, dynamic economy and fantastic access to the emerging markets of Eastern Europe.

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Polish Customs

Within Poland there is great importance on being polite and courteous. For example, you would never refer to anyone by their given name if you didn’t know them, it should always be Mr, Mrs, Dr etc. until you know them well enough.

An acceptable gift for women is an odd number of flowers regardless of whether the woman is the recipient or presenter (although chrysanthemums, white lilies, and red carnations are funeral flowers so make sure that you don’t buy them for other occasions).

The initial style of business can be very formal in Poland, and although this may appear detached, this is not the aim. In general, it is wise to follow your colleagues’ lead when it comes to the tone of a meeting.

Business tip: Business cards are given and taken without any ceremony, but it is worth trying to have your card (or at least one side of it) translated into Polish. Qualifications such as university degrees and job titles are important so make sure you include them.

Interesting Facts About Poland

The country’s name originates from the name of the tribe Polanie, which means “people living in open fields”.

Poland has an impressive 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and among them the biggest castle in the world, Malbork.

The Polish city of Wrocław is home to Europe’s oldest restaurant. Piwnica Swidnicka was opened way back in 1275 and you can still eat there today.

Capital: Warsaw

Population: 37.75 million 

Official Language(s): Polish is the only official language recognised by the country’s constitution

Frequently Asked Questions About Polish Translation

Cultural sensitivity is of the utmost importance when translating English into Polish since the Polish language and the culture itself is very different from what we’re used to in the UK.

Any translator must be fully aware of these differences to ensure that translations are culturally appropriate. For instance, a translator must avoid turns of phrases or expressions which may be incompatible with the Polish language and culture.

The cost of English to Polish translation will depend on the length of the text, the complexities of the project, and the experience of the translator.

At Anglia Translations Ltd, we are experts in Polish translation, and we base all of our rates on source word count. Doing so means that we can avoid any ambiguities and simplify costs for both parties.

However, since no two projects are alike, there is no definitive answer to this without assessing the project as a whole.

There are numerous challenges for a translator when it comes to translating content into Polish, such as:

  • Grammatical differences: The Polish and English grammar systems are very different, which can make translation more difficult.
  • Vocabulary differences: There are many words in both languages that do not have direct translations.
  • Cultural differences: There are many cultural differences between Poland and English-speaking countries, which can make translation more challenging.
  • Style differences: The writing styles in Polish and English can be very different, which can make it difficult to ensure that the translation is fluent and natural.

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