Chuchotage – Whispered Interpreting

Chuchotage, also known as whispering interpreting, is a form of simultaneous interpreting usually performed by a single interpreter, which can make it more economical than other techniques.

It’s ideal for small numbers of guests of a specific language (up to 4). The interpreter is seated next to the listeners and whispers what the speaker is saying. It’s popular as no equipment is required, and no disruption is caused to the other members of the audience.

An increasingly common variant form of chuchotage is tour guide interpreting, which involves the use of portable interpreting equipment and is typically used for larger groups (up to 20).

Getting Results

Preparation is the key. Once the interpreter has all the necessary background information, they can work with you to achieve the results you desire. Here’s how to get the best results:

  • Create a document with key points for each party to take away with them as a reminder (translated in advance).
  • For noisy environments, have a simple portable interpreting kit to hand, comprising of a mic and earphones for each participant.
  • Explain to the audience why there will be a person whispering all the time to keep ambient noise to a minimum, allowing the interpreter and listeners to concentrate.
  • Use our Exhibition Follow-up Service to monitor the success of your event.

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