Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting requires the interpreter to translate successively, into and out of your two required languages, for each speaker in turn. Each speaker is required to stop after every paragraph to allow the interpreter to translate into the target language.

Before appointing the interpreter, an agenda and details of each speaker involved is required. We also request relevant brochures, copies of contracts or agreements, manuals, drawings, previous correspondence and other supporting documents to provide the interpreter with necessary background information.

  • Business meeting
  • Client presentation
  • Negotiations
  • Conference/Exhibition
  • New product launch
  • Telephone interpreting


Getting Results

Preparation is the key. Once the interpreter has all the necessary background information, they can work with you to achieve the results you desire. Here’s how to get the best results:

  • Create a document with key points for each party to take away with them as a reminder (translated in advance).
  • For noisy environments, have a simple portable interpreting kit to hand, comprising of a mic, amplifier and earphones for each participant.
  • Allow plenty of time for conference calls as the conversation doesn’t always flow as easily as face-to-face discussions.
  • Use our Exhibition Follow-up Service to monitor the success of your event.

If you’re unsure of your requirements, we’re happy to help and advise. Call us on +44 (0)1480 411514 to discuss.

We would not recommend Consecutive Interpreting for events where there are delegates speaking various different languages as in this case, Simultaneous Interpreting would be more appropriate.

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