Multilingual Recruitment Support

Are you looking to recruit multilingual overseas staff? If so, you may need to assess the oral and written fluency of potential candidates.

By dipping into the international recruitment market, you can find professionals and skillsets that may not be readily available in your native country. International staff will also be able to bring new contacts, ideas and perspectives due to varying cultural backgrounds, which have the potential to positively impact your business.

Our team of highly qualified linguists are able to conduct an initial assessment of a candidate’s language skills, both oral and written.

How it works

Recruiting suitable candidates for your company can be a difficult enough process even without the added complication of assessing their language skills.

To complement your recruitment process, we can:

  • Assess spoken language skills over the telephone
  • Assess written language skills using an agreed written test
  • Score the candidate for their oral and written communication skills

If you want support recruiting overseas staff, we, along with our team of highly qualified linguists can help. Call us on +44 (0)1480 411514 for more information.

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