Simultaneous Interpretation

Made familiar to us in footage from the United Nations and the European Parliament, simultaneous interpreting calls for a very high degree of linguistic virtuosity. It also requires detailed preparation, methodical planning and a lot of equipment, including booths, microphones, headphones, amplifiers etc. We can provide both the interpreters and all the necessary equipment.

Simultaneous interpreting requires the interpreter to translate words as they are spoken, enabling the audience to follow speeches in real-time, in their own language via a headset. The interpreter sits in a soundproofed booth with headphones, a microphone and another colleague. What’s more, several languages can be interpreted simultaneously.

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Getting Results

Organising conferences is a major responsibility and if multi-lingual interpreting is required we can help you at each stage.
Here’s how to get the best results:

  • Translate any relevant handouts prior to your event.
  • Ensure you have purpose-built conference rooms. Look at ease of access for the equipment.
  • Have a separate sound-proof booth (3m x 2m) for each language combination, ideally positioned where the interpreter can see the speaker.
  • Organise the event to ensure there’s a break every 45 minutes, allowing the simultaneous interpreter to hand over to their colleague.
  • Use our Exhibition Follow-up Service to monitor the success of your event.

If you’re unsure of your requirements, we’re happy to help and advise. Call us on +44 (0)1480 411514 to discuss.

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