Summary Translations

This service is ideal if you need help responding to lengthy Tender Documents in a foreign language. Rather than translate the whole document, we identify key sections for translation, thus saving you time and money.

Summary translations are helpful when a client is looking for short turnaround times. When providing a summary translation, one of our certified linguists will read through a document, highlighting key passages within the text.

These vital passages will then be summarised and translated into the target languages, thereby providing readers with a concise and to the point summary.

The Facts

Our experience in translating tender documents, enables us to help you make the right strategic decisions and support your ongoing business growth strategies.

  • The global value of the tender pot is at least $3.1 trillion, but only one in 10 SMEs actively engage in B2G (business to government) marketing.
  • Large companies tend to win tenders, but if more SMEs competed for tenders, more SMEs would win them.
  • TED publishes 210 thousand calls for tenders each year which are worth approximately €420 billion.

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