The Anglia Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Anglia Customer Satisfaction Survey

Since our inception back in 1992, our ongoing commitment to our customers has been at the core of everything we do.

We have almost three decades of experience in the language services industry, which means we’re able to offer our services in over 50 languages across many market sectors.

As part of our dedication to offering best in class service to our customers, we’ve recently undertaken a customer satisfaction survey – see the results below.

The Survey

We recently arranged a survey to ask our customers to rate our services, so we could understand where we could improve our service offering. All our survey participants were able to answer our seven questions anonymously, and we thought that now would be a great opportunity to share our findings.

#1: Overall, How Satisfied or Dissatisfied Are You with Anglia Translations Ltd?

10 out of 10 customers were satisfied with the services we have offered them.

#2: Which of the Following Words Would You Use to Describe Our Services?

Of those surveyed, not one selected a negative option that we offered them. Over 90% of those surveyed described us as reliable, with 80% describing our services as high-quality.

#3: How Well Do Our Services Meet Your Needs?

Out of those that we surveyed, 80% claimed that our services met their needs “extremely well.”

#4: How Would You Rate the Quality of Our Service?

95% of our customers rate our services as high-quality or even higher.

#5: How Long Have You Been a Customer of Anglia Translations Ltd?

Over two-thirds of our clients have been with us for a minimum of twelve months. Some of our clients have been working with us for over three years.

#6: How Likely Are You to Purchase Any of Our Services Again?

88% said they’d be extremely likely to work with us again, while 28% said it was likely that they’d bring more translation work to us.

#7: Did Anglia Translations Ltd Deliver on Time?

100% of the respondents in our survey said that we delivered their translation services on time, every time.



What You Get with Anglia Translations Ltd

We understand that translation is about overcoming barriers in language to communicate to those overseas about your business and the products and services you have available.

At Anglia, we work to understand your business, how it operates and what you’re looking to achieve by moving into markets overseas.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction we’ve received from our survey, and we offer all of our clients the same fantastic service.

Here’s what you get when you choose us:

  • Expert Industry Knowledge – when you choose us, you can benefit from our experience of working in many industries over the years.
  • Best in Class Quality – high-quality and attention to detail is at the very heart of our business ethos. We’re ISO9001:2015 accredited, we’re members of the Association of Translation Companies and EU ATC.
  • Methodical Process – we use a proven business model in everything we do, known as the Anglia Compass. This not only ensures we can complete every job to the very best of our abilities, but it also means that we’re able to run the business with a specific set of principles in everything we do.
  • Completely Secure & Confidential – your documents, principles and intellectual property are just that: It’s crucial that we’re able to respect the privacy of the assets that you send to us with complete discretion and privacy.

What Have We Learned?

“It would be good to see some social engagement and corporate-responsibility initiatives from Anglia e.g., collaboration with charities, donation of a percentage of the profits to good causes, etc.”

Despite all the glowing feedback, we know that there are always things we can do better so we are always striving to improve our processes and ourselves at Anglia Translations Ltd.

The comment above came out of the survey, and it tells us that our clients would like to see more social engagement and corporate responsibility.

Although we never advertise the fact, Anglia have always been proactive in donating money and time to local charities that mean something to the employees of the company.

There are many examples of this over the years such as Mary Gilbey volunteering to wrap Christmas Presents for Anna’s Hope charity in the local shopping centre in Peterborough.

This Christmas, as we couldn’t send out the usual festive gifts to our corporate clients (as many of them were working remotely due to Covid), Anglia donated this money instead to the local charity Little Miracles.

Anglia have always supported their suppliers and clients in fundraising activities, such as supporting Anna Morrish, Founder of Quibble, when she ran a half marathon in 2019.

As well as this charitable work, and inspired by this comment to establish a more formal arrangement, Anglia Translations Ltd are now proud Bronze sponsors of Translators without Borders and will soon be announcing their Charity of the Year – to whom a percentage of the turnover will be donated at the end of the financial year.


If you have any further questions on what we’ve covered in this blog, or you’re interested in hearing more about any of our other servicesget in touch today.