Translation Agency Vs. Google Translate

Google translate has proven itself to be a fantastic tool for many people. It’s excellent when you’re on holiday or if you receive some instructions for an appliance in another language. The fact it’s available for free, is easy to use and supports more than 100 languages all help to make it the number one free tool for online translations. However, it does have its limitations.

We forgive Google its inaccuracies

However, the simple fact is that Google makes mistakes. This can make it great for simple translations with no real implications, such as communicating with a taxi driver in a distant land. Yet, these mistakes are not acceptable if you’re preparing a legal document or advertising material for a market that doesn’t speak the native language of your business.

The fundamentals of language

Language is not a constant beast. Context is crucial. Professional translators can ensure a message is adapted, maintaining the context and tone, a process known as transcreation. The context and tone of a translation cannot be taken into account when using an automated service. It requires a fluent speaker capable of making the adjustments required to maintain the required level of accuracy and ultimately, to ensure the completed product doesn’t just make sense, but is professional and has the intended impact.

Google Translate can also be less accurate the less popular the language pairing. Because it’s a free resource, we forgive its slight inaccuracies. After all, it is free and it does have its place in our lives. However, Google Translate should be restricted to our personal lives. If you want directions while abroad use Google translate. It’s convenient, the language will be passable and it’s easy to access on your smartphone whether you’re on a tour bus or in a doctor’s waiting room.

Maintain your brand

For most modern companies their website not only creates that important first impression, but it is also a major catalyst in building the brand and growth of the business. It requires ongoing investment and is a crucial asset to your digital presence.

Many spend a considerable amount of time and effort ensuring their website content is good for SEO purposes, successfully conveys the brand, and is well written and engaging. To then undermine all the effort, investment, and hard work by using Google Translate to create your content for potentially lucrative new markets not only seems wasteful, but it can also be damaging.

The pros and cons of using a professional translation service

A human translator will interpret the content with far greater accuracy than any automated tool. They will understand the context and can take into account additional information relevant to your content’s ultimate goal. They will also ensure the translation is free from any spelling and grammar mistakes and will be able to successfully adapt the text to allow for any cultural differences.

While some people are put off by the cost or turnaround time of a professional translation service, anyone who is serious about doing business in another market will see it as a crucial investment. Discover how to export your way to success here >

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