How We Work

Exporting is a tough business, therefore, to help you overcome the challenges of doing business in a global marketplace, a reliable, professional translation partner should be a vital part of your marketing mix.

We are ISO 9001:2015 regulated, which means we follow strict processes to ensure you get the highest quality translation every time.

Using our proven ‘Anglia Compass Business Model’ for all projects ensures successful translations so that you can have peace of mind.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being responsive and flexible, whilst ensuring your brand message is consistent and transferable across your target areas.

Proven and Effective Processes

Every project we handle receives this same meticulous attention down to the very last detail. Our Anglia Compass business model ensures that we deliver high quality translations for every project, by firstly understanding your needs and requirements then secondly, following our proven processes to deliver the project successfully to you.


Taking the time to understand your business goals and what you want to achieve is important to us to ensure that we chose the most appropriate linguist for your project.

If you have critical milestones, like product releases, Go Live dates for websites or global events for instance, it is vital that we know so that we can build enough time into the project to consistently meet those deadlines, without compromising on quality.


To ensure the translation we provide is of the very best quality, we often require details of your company history, products, services and competitors. Where necessary we will also conduct extensive market research to locate background information about your industry.

Your company voice is important to you and you spend a lot of time ensuring that your English content accurately reflects the ethos and values of your company. When working with you, we want to get to know you and your company and understand your purpose so that this can be accurately reflected in the translation.


Your intended audience will affect the tone and language used in the translation, and in some languages, whether the ‘formal’ or informal’ version is used. Therefore, we will work with you to understand whether the content you require is needed for B2B, B2C, distributors or internal communications.


Content writing is a specialised skill and every company has a slightly different style, that inevitably encapsulates their values as well as perfectly reflecting their product.

Our translations will reflect your house style, while taking culture, style and tone into consideration. We also take care to incorporate your preferred terminology if you already have in-language content.


Once we have begun to understand your company profile, the market sector and the audience, your strategy for distributing your information is also important.

The style and tone may be very different for a Product Catalogue that may be distributed in hard copy and be valid for 12 months, compared to a monthly promotional offer that is sent out via email. The channels that you use to communicate may also affect the style.


Prior to going ahead with the translation, it is critical to confirm the countries that you are targeting to ensure that the languages you require are the official languages of that country, and that your product complies with local legislation.


Now that we have researched all that we can about you, your market sector and your products, we can then start processing your translation.

Project Management – You will always speak to the same project managers who understand your business and have experience in the language you select. Our project managers have vast experience in handling complex multi-lingual projects, liaising between the linguists and the client to ensure a smooth delivery. Our aim is to become an extension to your team.

Translation Memory – We use our Translation Memory software for all projects to ensure consistency and accuracy, as well as saving time and money for our clients. The translation memory software allows us to analyse your original content for repetitions or matches from previous translations.

Translator Selection – Once we have analysed the content and we understand the context, our project managers will select the most appropriate translators from our accredited translator database. This is the most important part of the process. For long-term clients, we endeavour to build up a team of translators that will only work on your projects. This ensures consistency of style plus an efficiency in processing as they understand who you are.


ISO certified translation – We are ISO 9001:2015 regulated. As such, we have tried and tested methods of translating to the highest standard. We only use human translators and as a company we do not make use of machine translation.

Native speakers – Our translators will only translate into their mother tongue and are based in their native country. This ensures they’re up to date with the latest language changes and shifts in culture.


Prior to delivery, your translations will go through various levels of checking. Using our translation memory software, our project managers will make detailed checks against the original to ensure the text is consistent, complete and that any client-preferred terminology is incorporated. Consistency between duplicated or similar phrases is closely monitored and updated where necessary.

We can also offer a full proofreading service conducted by experienced, independent linguists if required.


Before we send across your translated documents, we will ensure all formatting is correct as per the original document, taking away the risk of processing an unfamiliar language. Key terminology will be reviewed one more time in this final document prior to delivery.

Most clients are happy to handle all the graphic design stages of the project, but we can also offer desktop publishing if required.

Next Time

Save money each time you translate with us!

We compile individual bespoke glossaries for all our clients and each project we handle is saved to our Translation Memory software. This means the more you use us, the more we understand your business, the more consistent your multilingual content marketing will be, and perhaps the best part, the more money you save!


When you use our translation services, we will ensure on time delivery, in the same file format as the original, so there is no unexpected additional work for you.

We welcome all feedback on our translations. All your comments are taken seriously and any preferences are used to update our glossaries and to improve our service to you for future projects.

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