Our Corporate & Social Responsibility

We know that businesses can make a real difference in bridging the gap between economic growth and those who often get left behind. At Anglia Translations Ltd, we take this responsibility seriously, we’re all about driving the changes needed to reshape our economies and create a fairer society.

We actively seek out solutions to address societal issues, by partnering with others to help individuals, families, and communities to thrive by eliminating obstacles and challenges.

Through collaborative efforts, our goal is to provide others with the vital support, resources, tools, and skills required to improve their quality of life and pave the way for a brighter future.

Our social mission is to provide holistic support, addressing and tackling critical issues like poverty, education gaps, mental health, language barriers, family challenges, homelessness, and social isolation.

We want to translate our values into practical actions, to help enrich the lives of those in our community, and actively contribute to building a more inclusive and fairer society, ultimately ensuring people are empowered to lead better lives.

Who Are We?

As a family-run business, Anglia Translations Ltd values long-standing relationships with clients, colleagues, employees, suppliers, and communities.

These relationships are built on the foundations of respect, trust, kindness, and empowerment. Our commitment goes beyond boundaries, as we extend our family mindset to serve and support our communities and apply our skills and resources to enhance the lives of others.

For us, it goes beyond business; it’s about embracing difference, upholding ethical standards, forging a sense of community, and inspiring hope.

Anglia Translations Ltd isn’t just a business: it’s a family.

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Social Themes that Matter to Us

After discussions and consultations with the Anglia Translations team, we have pinpointed several social themes that strongly resonate with our business values and genuinely matter to our employees.

When seeking partnerships with charitable organisations, we are enthusiastic about collaborating with those dedicated to addressing the social issues they see on a local, national, and international level.

These themes include:

  • Addressing Educational and Learning barriers
  • Providing Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Tackling Mental Health Challenges, Isolation, and Loneliness
  • Combating Homelessness and Enhancing Housing
  • Helping Families, Women, and Children in need

We seek partner organisations that align with our values and we are enthusiastic about expanding our charitable partnerships. So, if you’d like to explore how we can support and collaborate with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out t0 mary@anglia-translations.co.uk.

How Do We Make a Difference?

From the very start, we recognised our responsibility to contribute to both local and global communities. We’ve consistently taken the initiative to contribute our time and financial resources to organisations that are meaningful to our company and align with our values and services.

Anglia Translations is all about getting hands-on in the community and working closely with the charities we chose to partner with.

We love to see our employees join in and we offer different ways for them to engage and for organisations to connect with our support. We continuously seek mutually aligned and beneficial partnerships and welcome discussions with organisations throughout the UK and beyond.

We regularly review our activities and partnerships during team debrief meetings to ensure they have the
greatest impact.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Volunteering Hours

We encourage our employees to give back to their local community by providing them with dedicated hours each year. This enables them to select organisations that resonate with their values or align with our business

Sharing Specialist Skills

Our team and partners possess a wide range of expertise, and we are eager to offer pro bono translation services to our chosen charitable organisations. We break down language barriers to provide those in need with access to information in their language.

Resource Donations

We understand the importance of practical assistance, even in the form of small items. As such, we are dedicated to organising, managing, and delivering food, clothing, and essential donations to local organisations on a regular basis to provide crucial support.

Annual Financial Donations

Each year, we assess and decide on our approach to donating a percentage of our profits to enhance the lives of others, especially those facing educational challenges, family issues, language barriers, homelessness, and isolation.

Our Partners

Translators Without Borders

Traducteurs sans Frontières is a charitable foundation formed in 1993 in France by translation experts Lori Thicke and Ros Smith-Thomas.

Translators Without Borders, as is it now known, seeks to match the world’s absolute best translators with charities across the globe in order to get boots on the ground in areas impacted by natural disaster, famine and war. This means that these communities have the right information they need on health, education, nutrition, and other vital literature that could often spell the difference between life and death.

At Anglia Translations Ltd, inspired by the incredible work these translators do for oppressed and suffering
communities, we made the decision to contribute to this amazing cause and we are proud to be an official Bronze Sponsor.

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Charities We Have Supported

Anna’s Hope

Anna’s Hope is a leading brain tumour charity for children in the East Midlands. The charity is committed to offering hope to children and young people who are diagnosed with brain tumours.

The charity raises funds that can help to transform the lives of children with brain tumours who require support and rehabilitation during and after their treatment.

Our Managing Director Mary Gilbey has been a long-time supporter of this fantastic cause, and volunteered to help wrap Christmas Presents for the charity in 2019 in the Peterborough shopping centre.

In March of 2021, we also chose Anna’s Hope to be our Charity of the Year, and at the end of our financial year in March 2022, we donated a portion of our profits (£10,000) to help Rob and Carole continue the work they do in memory of their daughter Anna, who passed away in 2006 from a brain tumour.

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Little Miracles

Little Miracles is a charitable foundation that offers a helping hand to families that have children with additional needs, disabilities and conditions that are ultimately life limiting.

Little Miracles offers these children a place to play, socialise and create friendships, whilst offering their families access to the support, advice and care they need to prosper.

At Christmas time 2020, since we couldn’t send out the usual gifts to our corporate clients, because many were working from home, we made the decision to donate this money to Little Miracles instead.

Diamond Hampers

Just before Christmas in 2023, we made a donation of Christmas food, as well as everyday essentials, plus some specific gifts for the 16-21 year old caregivers to Diamond Hampers to help those in need in our local community.

That year our donation contributed towards:

  • 750 presents delivered to children who would ordinarily receive nothing on Christmas morning
  • Providing 2,500 meals
  • Redirecting 46 tonnes of food waste
  • Referring 175 families for much needed support by giving out almost £10,000 worth of vouchers
  • Catering for 60 care leavers so they could have a hot Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve