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Translating publications destined for the wider public, whether it’s books, CDs or magazines, demands a complex set of skills. As such, we ensure our linguist possess an excellent literary style capable of capturing the tone and register of your original text.

In the books we’ve translated, we found that detailed research was necessary to ensure that terminology was correct. For example, when translating Glass and Crystal in Wallonia, we consulted with specialists in the UK glass industry as well as academics and experts in glassware.

The various management books we’ve translated, a passion for imparting the skills and experience of the author to its business audience has been critical.

Here’s a selection of the books we’ve translated:

  • The Legacy of the Tek Sing, by Nigel Pickford and Michael Hatcher – translated into German as Das Vermächtnis der Tek Sing.
  • L’Aventure du Cristal et du Verre en Wallonie, by Ann Chevalier et al – translated into English Glass and Crystal in Wallonia – A Journey of Discovery.
  • Lifting de Marque, by Anne Bontour and Jean-Marc Lehu – translated into English as Brand Rejuvenation.
  • Mais qu’est-ce qu’ils attendent tous pour déployer ma stratégie? By Philippe Korda et al – translated into English as Leading Strategy Execution.

What Types Of Publishing Content Can We Translate?

  • Book Translations

  • Magazines

  • CD liners

  • Manuals

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How We Work

We’re ISO 9001:2015 regulated, which means we follow strict processes to ensure you get the quality translation you require.

  • Responsive

    Our project managers will work closely with you to answer all your questions and ensure all your requirements are met on time.

  • Quality

    We only work with experienced and professional linguists to ensure your content is of the very best quality.

  • Terminology

    We use Translation Memory software to ensure your brand messages and terminology remain consistent.

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