We’re committed to providing quality translations every time, which is why we have a very stringent proofing process and five pre-delivery checking options for you to choose from.

Prior to delivery we always carry out translation checks against the original to ensure the text is consistent and complete.

Our pre-delivery options

  1. Checking: We check the translation against the original to ensure it’s complete and any additional requirements (tables, figures, footnotes etc) are included. Other checks include client preferred terminology, grammar and formatting.
  2. Proof-reading by an independent linguist: We work with independent linguists who are qualified and experienced in various sectors. They will meticulously compare the translation with the original to ensure consistency of terminology, accuracy, appropriate tone and register, while also removing and correcting any grammatical and typographical errors.
  3. Back translation: This is commonly used for medical or pharmaceutical documents to ensure the document can be translated back into its original language and retain the essential information.
  4. Pre-publication checking: This is the final check that looks for errors introduced during the typesetting process.
  5. Domain experts: If you have your own “domain expert”, such as an overseas subsidiary, local office, agent, or marketing specialist, we urge you to proof the content with them before sign off.
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