Anglia Translations Ltd at Peterborough B2B

In an increasingly digital world, having the opportunity to connect face-to-face with like-minded people is becoming rare. But, so often connections aren’t made via social media, they’re made in-person.

From finding new business opportunities to keeping abreast with the latest trends, at Anglia Translations Ltd, we place great emphasis on attending these kinds of events, as we believe it helps us improve and grow as a business.

What is Peterborough B2B?

Peterborough B2B is a free to attend business to business event, attracting hundreds of companies from all over the city and from further afield.

The event allows businesses to exhibit a range of their products and services, meet with new customers and reconnect with existing ones.

Visitors are able to make the most of the day by interacting with exhibitors and fellow visitors, attending small seminars – designed to enhance business skills – and even take part in speed networking sessions.

What are the Benefits of Attending Events Like This?

For Anglia Translations, as with any business attending an event like this, there are several key benefits, such as:

  • An Opportunity to Learn – The chance to learn something new is one of the biggest draws for businesses. Not only is it a chance to learn about other organisations and how they operate, but it’s also an opportunity to study people. Body language, temperament, visual cues are all vital skills for business owners to learn.
  • Face-to-Face Networking – When you attend an event in person, you have access to a considerable amount of different business owners and like-minded individuals to share ideas with, ask questions and expand your knowledge.
  • Discover Potential Competitors – Attending events gives you a chance to pinpoint and investigate the potential competition, which could give you the edge.
  • Meeting Potential Clients – As well as attending the event as an individual, you can also set up as a vendor. This kind of direct marketing is a chance to promote to an already captive and engaged audience.
  • Breaking Up Day-to-Day Routines – We all need a bit of a break from the day-to-day routine and attending a business event is a great way to break up a typical day and learn a huge amount in the process.

“How Many Times Have Anglia Translations Exhibited at Peterborough B2B?”

anglia translations ltd at peterborough b2b

We have exhibited at Peterborough B2B every year since 2016.

“Why is this Event Important to You?”

We like to exhibit at this event for three main reasons:

  1. We love being part of the Cambridgeshire Chamber events as they encourage partnerships within the local business community. Doing more business locally is important to us.
  2. It provides an excellent arena for networking, catching up with existing clients and increasing our brand awareness.
  3. Historically we have normally picked up a few new clients from this event.

“Was it Worthwhile Attending?”

Yes, it was, for all of the reasons above. However, it did seem to be a lot quieter this year. The footfall through the door seemed to be a lot lower.

Having said that, we did still make some interesting connections, and we do have a few leads to follow up on.

The Chamber had kindly placed us next to the ‘Brexit Hub’ which meant we had some excellent conversations with the likes of DiT & Enterprise Europe Network who are both beneficial connections for Anglia, as they are organisations focused on supporting companies with their journey to internationalisation.

The Chamber always provides great forums for networking opportunities and our involvement in the International Sector Committee brings us into contact with a wide variety of companies who are all committed to exporting. We usually exhibit at two or three of the Chamber’s exhibitions each year.


Our next event will be the Peterborough Biscuit on Wednesday 5th February 2020. We hope to see you there!


If you have any questions about any of the upcoming events we’ll be attending, or you’re interested in any of our services, why not contact us today?