Anglia Translations Ltd at Peterborough Biscuit 2023

Anglia Translations Ltd at Peterborough Biscuit 2023

In February, we were once again able to exhibit at Peterborough Biscuit, after appearing in 2022 and 2020. This is a great opportunity for us to kick off the year catching up with old friends and new connections alike.

The Peterborough Biscuit is the largest exhibition of its kind in the entirety of East Anglia, and offers businesses around the region the opportunity to showcase their products and services to potential partners and customers.

This year we offered delegates the chance to win a range of Anglia branded goodies and a bottle of prosecco for correctly guessing the top three languages spoken by native speakers. 

This year, we awarded the prize to Jarred Lester, who’s correct guess was pulled out of a hat.

Our Impressions in 2023

After the difficulties in-person events have endured over the past few years, it’s great for us as a business to consistently attend events like this, without any uncertainty.

Mary Gilbey, Managing Director of Anglia Translations Ltd, had this to say, “we love exhibiting at events like this, especially as it is on our  doorstep.” 

She continues, “it’s a good opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces, and to understand the business landscape within the area.”

“The sheer range of different businesses that exhibit each year, seems to increase in both scale and diversity, and it’s great to check out how these businesses are growing and the innovative ways they’re being able to do so, in tough economic times.” 

Why is Peterborough Biscuit So Important?

Attending events and networking provide many benefits to businesses. It helps them to grow their customer base and find potential partners to collaborate with.

The Peterborough Biscuit Business Event is an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their products and services to potential customers, in a more tactile and meaningful way – this is now more important than ever in what is becoming an increasingly digital world.

The Peterborough Biscuit, which is now a hybrid event thanks to the runaway success of last year’s trial, has three main aims for every event:

– To get as many businesses from the Peterborough area together in one place to ensure that each business has a platform to showcase their incredible attention to detail in everything they do.

– To raise awareness and promote local businesses at a time when the economic landscape is more than challenging for many businesses, and indeed, their consumers.

– To improve business knowledge in the area by providing talks and seminars from local businesses, who are leading the way and innovating in their sector. 

Conclusions from the Day

We have a great time every time we come here” says Mary. “We enjoy engaging with a range of different people and we picked up a few solid leads from the day, so all around very positive.”

“The event seems to grow year by year, and I think due to the uncertainties of the past few years, it really is a reminder of how important these sorts of events are for many businesses to get their name front and centre.”

We exhibit at numerous events all year round, and we have several exciting exhibitions coming up in the next few months, such as the DSA Seminar on the 23rd March and the Huntingdon Business Fair on the 26th April.

If you have any questions about anything we’ve covered in this blog, or you’d like to find out more about our services, then why not contact us today?